Patch 1.3.X

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Patch 1.3.X are all patches beginning with 1.3.


主条目:Patch 1.3


1.3.1 is a hotfix released on 2019-12-04[1] with the checksum f1f9.


  • Fixed a thing that prevented the game from properly shutting down after exiting to desktop on non-Steam versions
  • Fixed broken filter for crossplay/non crossplay MP on MS Store
  • Fixed ironman save games and autosaves not being rewritten after loading game
  • Fixed mouse panning not working in windowed mode


1.3.2 is a hotfix released on 2019-12-17[2] with the checksum 6615.

Game Balance

  • Base Stability Decay is now halved.
  • Aggressive Expansion decay from Foreign Minister & Praetor offices increased from -0.01 to -0.015 per skill point.
  • Aggressive Expansion decay from Arbitrator office is now -0.01.
  • Omen Power from the High Priest & Augur offices increased from 2% to 3% per skill point.
  • National Tax bonus from Steward & Tribune of the Treasury offices changed from 1% to 1.5% per skill point.
  • Tribesmen Happiness from the Elder office increased from 1% to 1.5% per skill point.
  • Characters now receive a monthly Statesmanship increase from their Finesse skill.
  • Supply Trains now cost 16 gold to construct, and their maintenance is therefore also higher.
  • Horse Archers now carry more food (up to 3 from 2.4).
  • Elephants now deal more damage to Heavy Infantry (up to 1.4 from 1.3) and less damage to Light Infantry (down to 1.3 from 1.5).
  • Stability gains from events reduced by around 30% across the board.
  • AI tribal nations will now only reform their governments if they have at least 25 Civilization in their capital.

Complete Soundtrack DLC

  • Three new songs added: Tyros, The Mediterranean, and The Punic Wars.


Stability & Performance

  • Fixed startup crash related to shadowmap resolution setting.
  • Fixed crash related to using the back button to negotiate with barbarians.
  • Fixed two more rare crashes related to ingame popups and account login.
  • Slightly improved performance related to ai threat calculations.


  • Fixed mods being unable to load localization files.


  • Fixed game not applying Naval Damage Taken modifiers correctly.
  • Fixed Slave Raid naval unit ability being available to everyone.
  • Fixed problem where countries would not be properly called into wars which affected both humans and AI.
  • Adoption will now exclude prisoners in all cases (instead of just some cases).
  • Fixed local modifiers being used in Nabatean and Helot Heritages, which made them do nothing.
  • No longer possible to teleport armies between Athens and Keos.
  • Orontid family now properly a great family in Armenia.
  • Fixed all remaining food vanishing when detaching a supply train.
  • Made it impossible to adopt Mercenary captains.
  • Olympic competitors can no longer form families while they are competing, leading to that family then being dispersed over the entire Mediterrenean world.


  • Fixed badly scripted mission requirements for the Roman task to subdue Greece.
  • Fixed bad tooltip in Roman Mission relating to Crete.
  • Fixed problem with the Roman Mission events relating to acquiring subjects in Italy.
  • Fixed problem with Roman Mission tasks to befriend a tribe not finding appropriate countries for their events.
  • Carthaginian mission bonus for same culture happiness reduced from 50% to 15%.
  • Fixed the generic conquest mission aborting if you conquered every last territory in the region it targeted.
  • Fixed bug where Musalamii would not properly turned to a client state in Carthaginian missions if they civilized before the mission was completed.
  • Fixed problem with selection of Governorship capital for the General Development Mission.
  • Fixed problem related to the dominant culture in the governorship capital changing mid-mission.
  • Fixed problem with mission task wanting you to appoint a governor but in fact never actually considering that requirement fulfilled.
  • Fixed issue with mining mission tasks being able to target a place where the Mining mission could not be done and therefore bypassing immediately.
  • Fixed problem where some tasks would sometimes bypass immediately in a mission.
  • General development mission will no longer require only Olives for your slaves but instead Olives or Wood since Olives can be quite hard to come by in Scotland, India or even Germany.


  • Fixed the game failing to display last names for minor characters in the minor event window.
  • Fixed Spanish localization having no information about what trade good a trade offer was for, or where it came from.
  • Fixed badly linked text for event about Roman Eagles.
  • Fixed a number of failed references to Family names.