Patch 1.5.X

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Patch 1.5.X are all patches beginning with 1.5.


主条目:Patch 1.5


1.5.1 is a hotfix released on 2020-08-13[1] with the checksum b8d2.

  • Fixed a crash in province view


1.5.2 is a bugfix released on 2020-08-20[2] with the checksum d14c.

Game Balance

Pops & Culture

  • Happiness penalty per integrated culture reduced from 5% to 4%
  • Added 4% happiness for integrated cultures per nation rank, starting at Local Power (effectively, 1 extra integrated culture per nation rank).


  • Added monthly stability change to various traits (status traits mostly, and the Argead trait).
  • Loyalty penalty from deceitful trait reduced from 15% to 10%
  • Penalty to loyalty from being a scorned family reduced by 20%
  • Loyalty from power base of supporters toned down by 25% (it was huge)
  • Succession crises no longer raise gargantuan giga-armies

Internal Stability

  • Stability decay from aggressive expansion reduced by 25%
  • Senate support malus from neither consul belonging to faction reduced by 50%
  • AE decay from tyranny increased by 25%
  • Character loyalty reduction from tyranny reduced by 25%
  • Aggressive expansion decay from offices that reduce aggressive expansion increased by roughly 60% per skill point
  • Diplomatic Reputation now grants 0.03% aggressive expansion decay per point while not in an offensive war


  • Income from unused trade routes reduced by 50%


  • Tyranny decay from aristocratic monarchy reduced from -0.1 to -0.05

War & Peace

  • Happiness loss from war exhaustion reduced from -2.5% per point to -1% per point
  • You can now take provinces whilst also making the other nation a subject in a peace deal.



  • AI army budget slightly increased.


  • AI will be slightly more willing to engage in wars against similarly strong opponents
  • AI Rome will now be more aggressive


  • Diplomatic Relations are now properly updated - this fix should also result in improved AI performance in various areas, particularly as regards targeting war declarations and planning.



  • Epirote matchmakers will no longer attempt to trick their ruler into arranging foreign royal marriages with prisoners or members of their own family
  • Tweaked the Greco-Persian City DHE event to target specific culture's happiness instead of all other cultures
  • Suppression of the Massylii event will no longer fire for subjects and allies of Carthage, or enemies of Massylia
  • Legitimizing a bastard that is also in the royal family will now only make them lose 10 loyalty instead of 20, in the event “Discreditable Dalliance”


  • Cult of Achilles task for Epirus will now rename Ilion to Achilleion
  • Master of Magna Graecia optional task in Hegemon of Magna Graecia Syracusan mission tree no longer requires Sicilian or Maltan territories
  • Reduced price of granary and prospecting in generic infrastructure mission
  • Fixed Italiote Leadership Epirote task sometimes creating non-Hellenistic subjects, and thus blocking mission progress


  • Fixed Armenia formable requirements to use the new Anatolian culture group instead of Persian


  • Siculian no longer begins as an integrated culture in Syracuse
  • Fixed city of Hatria producing grain with their innovative wheat field/public housing urban hybrid experiment
  • Fixed Philippos IV Antipatrid wrongly having the regnal number VI
  • Fixed Illyrian culture group not using Hellenic emblem sets after group was split
  • Eleian citizens now moderately chuffed about Olympic games rather than frighteningly ecstatic (heritage happiness modifier reduced from 60% to 8%)


  • Subunits are now properly shown again when selecting multiple armies
  • Fixed crash in the mission view related to mouse movement
  • Fixed a weird issue which made you crucify your own people if you won a civil war where the opposing leader was at sea at the time of annexation (during an eclipse on a Tuesday in the Bermuda Triangle)
  • Claims should now work properly even if the Province Capital has moved after they were made.
  • Various stability fixes.
  • Fixed desired pop ratios potentially being negative
  • party_type trigger no longer erroneously checks if character is party leader
  • Poptype output tooltips should now yield more concise (not to mention correct) entries.
  • AE reduction from claims now shows. AE increase for non-targets now applies and a number of those values have now been exposed as defines
  • Improve Relation is now broken upon entering into a war
  • It is now possible to cycle through different barbarian hordes in the same province
  • Mercenaries in your own country are no longer restricted by diplomatic range
  • Original Thinker and other character traits that add siege ability now properly apply to sieges
  • Removed old hidden AE cost on declaring wars
  • UI Commander Change button is now disabled for governor units
  • Alliance now properly removes independence guarantees
  • Co-rulers, like rulers, now start with 50 popularity at the start of the game
  • autojoin now also available for public multiplayer games
  • White peace message to third parties now shows the correct herald
  • Fixed an edge case with civil wars that would instantly end and not handle the resolution properly
  • Fixed a number of issues with forced peace
  • Naval combat enhancements. Non-damaged ships will be prefered over damaged ships for fighting when battle begins
  • Powerbase can no longer be negative
  • Units assigned to a governor can no longer embark on ships
  • Added civil_war check to missions to stop revolt tags from selecting them
  • Fixed issues with party agendas in MP
  • Fixed Apollo Aktiakos task subtracting cost twice (once in mission, once in event)
  • Fixed Macedonian Lessons scope issues and duplicate event
  • Fixed a number of literally unplayable typos
  • Fixed isolated provinces being calculated properly now. It wasn't working in some edge cases
  • Fixed Syracuse mission event tooltip
  • Fixed Troias' father
  • Fixed a number of minor issues in party agendas
  • Fixed children being selected for trial duty, even though it’s true you can’t start teaching them civic virtue too early
  • Fixed free investments belying their name and still costing gold
  • Fixed holy site description wrongly mentioning an effect on local conversion speed
  • Fixed issues with ping event for Magas and improved Ariarathes ping event
  • Removed country trigger from Siceliote Succors, reintroduced removed triggers for Sicilian Champion and added bypass to it if no Siceliote nations exist in Sicily
  • Added cooldown to effects of The X Clan family event to stop stability and centralization exploits
  • Children and prisoners will no longer be brought to hold forth on foreign policy in republic's war councils, although we’re sure they have very interesting opinions
  • Fixed description of Social Mobility Governor Policy ignoring Noble pop type
  • Fixed misleading modifiers in subject tasks of Pan-Hellenic Government mission
  • Fixed overflowing and nonsensical option text in republic and monarchy War Council interaction events
  • Mercenary armies will no longer invoice you for their leader's ransom via a mutiny
  • Republic War Council event will now subtract party approval from ignored advisors rather than add it
  • Countries will now always have a primary culture entry in your cultures list in the Culture tab. This also fixes a crash for nations that have no pops of their primary culture
  • Fixed mismatch between the number of capital trade routes in the trade view compared to the province view when the capital state is selected
  • Fixed PopType Culture Happiness not applying properly
  • Fixed A New City Epirote mission task sometimes upgrading the wrong territory
  • Improved tooltip of Construct Border Forts ability
  • Fixed Roman Colonia becoming cities almost immediately
  • AI rulers can no longer escape loneliness by befriending themselves. No one can.
  • Fixed state modifiers not being applied at end of The Last of the Sikeloi Epirote mission task
  • Fixed revoke city status button not applying a negative happiness modifier


1.5.3 is a bugfix released on 2020-09-03[3] with the checksum 48e1.


  • Threaten War and Demand Military Access diplomatic actions now work as advertised
  • Fixed typo that made high ranking countries get 1.6% Integrated Culture Happiness instead of 16%
  • Fixed the first instance of a Food Trade Good not actually giving any food


  • Fixed AI being unwilling to ever build ships due to being bad at maths


  • Solved issue where non-real countries (like Narnia, or Canada) were considered real during setup
  • Fixed bad error logging for invalid diplomatic relations on startup
  • Solved crash in Barbarian Diplomacy if Barbarian gets killed when the view is open
  • Solved crash in Barbarian diplomacy if you had previously selected a Barbarian horde that is now dead, and then opened the diplomacy view again