Paradox Interactive
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行业 互动娱乐
创建 1998
总部 斯德哥尔摩,瑞典
产品 视频游戏
营收 143,000,000 瑞典克朗(2011)

(约合 102,929,532 元人民币)


Paradox Interactive 是一家瑞典的视频游戏发行商,总部位于斯德哥尔摩,以其发行的历史策略电脑游戏而广为人知。它既发行自有游戏(由 Paradox Development Studio 开发)也发行其他开发者的游戏,既通过传统零售渠道也通过数字分发服务,诸如 Steam 或者 GamersGate。首席游戏程序员lead game programmer约翰·安德森Johan Andersson

Paradox Interactive 以前是 Paradox Entertainment 的一个部门,多种作品产权自称的拥有者和开发者,诸如由“纸浆作者”罗伯特·欧文·霍华德pulp author Robert Ervin Howard创作的《野蛮人柯南Conan the Barbarian》。


The studio produces what it terms "Grand Strategy games", meaning ones played on a real-world map, marked by the use of standard real-time elements but with an ability to make any and all changes while paused (and while unpaused). Almost all Paradox games have historical settings and demonstrate a reasonable commitment to historical accuracy. The focus of each game is different, but generally a player must manage the economy, commerce, internal politics, diplomacy, technological development, and military forces of a nation. Paradox Interactive games are also characteristically complex, with highly detailed gameplay models and consequently steep learning curves.

Paradox regularly releases patches to their games long after a game's initial release. Some games have required patches shortly after release to make them playable. Later patches may contain large changes to the game and the way the game is played, in response to the demands and requests of fans.

The games are mostly based on an open game engine sandbox-style game with no set "victory" condition. Paradox tries to make games that are open and easy to edit (moddable), from tweaking a saved game to creating an entirely new scenario. Modding can be accomplished with simple tools and basic knowledge of scripting. To assist modders to figure out how to edit the game on their own, the Paradox forums provide fan-compiled libraries of "how to" advice. Due to this, each game has a very large number of mods, ranging from minor additions to complete system overhauls.


由 Paradox Development Studio 开发的游戏列表。

名称 年份
Arsenal of Democracy 2010
十字军之王Crusader Kings 2004
十字军之王 II 2012
十字军之王 III 2020
欧陆风云Europa Universalis 2000
欧陆风云 II 2001
欧陆风云 III 2007
欧陆风云 IV 2013
欧陆风云:罗马 2008
钢铁雄心Hearts of Iron 2002
钢铁雄心 II 2005
钢铁雄心 III 2009
钢铁雄心 IV 2016
Stellaris 2016
英白拉多:罗马 2019
March of the Eagles 2013
戦国日本Sengoku 2011
Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun 2003
维多利亚 II 2010
Crown of the North(Svea Rike 系列) 2000
Two Thrones(Svea Rike 系列) 2004


The complexity of the games often warrants player collaboration over the forums. Often, players will assist other players with the games, post modifications, and write "after action reports". Due to much of the game content being in plain text and image files, the modification of the games has become very popular. Much of the gameplay information used by the engine is contained in uncompressed text and bitmap graphic files. The ability to freely edit these files has allowed an active modding community to develop.

After action reports, usually abbreviated as AARs on the forums, provide a way for players to discuss their own gameplay in unique ways with other players. AARs are reports written by players about their experiences with a game, ranging in style from simple presentations of the development of the game with screenshots to highly embellished character-driven stories only loosely based on the events in the game. They are generally serialized in a forum topic, with every update post corresponding to a period of gameplay, and with comments and suggestions made by readers between updates.