Easter eggs


Easter eggs are inside jokes and references to popular culture, included for the player's amusement. This is a non-exhaustive list of Easter eggs present in Imperator.

  • Byzantion's province ID is 1453, a reference to the year Byzantium fell to the Ottomans historically.
  • The achievement Times New Roman refers to a popular font style.
  • The achievement What have the Romans ever Done for us? is a reference to a popular Monthy Python film, "Life of Brian"
  • The achievement Bois Are Back in Town is a reference to the popular song "The Boys Are Back in Town" by Irish hard rock band Thin Lizzy.
  • The achievement Over 9000 refers to a popular exclamation by Vegeta in the English adaptation of the anime Dragon Ball Z.
  • The achievement The Romans Are Crazy refers to a popular catchphrase from the french comic series Asterix.
  • The achievement Spice Must Flow refers to a popular phrase from the sci-fi novel Dune.
  • The Flags of 奥西斯弥亚的国旗 奥西斯弥亚 and 库里俄索利塔的国旗 库里俄索利塔 look like the Belts of Characters Asterix and Obelix, respectively, from the french comic series Asterix.
  • Several developer team members have cameo members ingame:
    • Johan Andersson, the creative director, can be found in 斯巴达的国旗 斯巴达 at start as Thoukydides Priapid.
    • Peter 'Arheo' Nicholson, the game director, can be found in 请检查模板名和国家代码{{Countries|flag/core|Parisia (Britannia)}} at start as Arheo Nicholid 'Cantor'. Successfully befriending him or one of his children will give a special treasure.
    • Henrik 'Trin Tragula' Lohmander, the game designer, can be found in 群岛联盟的国旗 群岛联盟 at start as Anaximander Lomandros 'Chartografos'.
    • Joachim 'Snow Crystal' Holmsen, a content designer, can be found in 刻耳索涅苏斯的国旗 刻耳索涅苏斯 at start as Ioakeim Hommanid.
    • Sebastian 'Katz' Borg, an embedded QA tester, can be found in 罗马的国旗 罗马 at start as Sebastianus Castiliani 'Cattus'.
    • Niels 'Gorion3' Uiterwijk, a tech lead, can be found in 弗里西亚的国旗 弗里西亚 at start as Nilis Uiterwiekus.
    • Emil 'Egladil' Djupfeldt, a programmer, can be found in 凯尔特基亚的国旗 凯尔特基亚 at start as Aemilius Candamius.
    • Evan Wu, a programmer, can be found in 象雄的国旗 象雄 at start as Weikwan Mu.
    • Timor Khanagov, a 2D artist/UI designer, can be found in 马其顿的国旗 马其顿 at start as Timokratos Georgus.
    • Joacim Carlberg, the art lead, can be found in 烙马里基亚的国旗 烙马里基亚 at start as Jokim Carlberki.